Public/Corporate Training/Short Term Programmes


It comes as no surprise that for most organisations, enhancing the capabilities of their Human Capital often tops the list of priorities. People at work must be able to fuel the growth of their organisations.

Organisations need a gateway to expand and enhance the capabilities of their Human Capital through a variety of Learning & Development programmes.

Against this, IPD-OUM has now embarked on an ambitious plan to support the talent development needs of organisations in Malaysia and elsewhere.

IPD-OUM’s is now organising a series of off-the-rack and bespoke training programmes that will enhance the capabilities and skill-sets of people at work.

This will help organisations to retain key talent and expand the pool by paying attention to pertinent competency areas that are important for business growth and competitive advantage.

A pool of Professional Trainers with extensive people development capabilities and experience are now facilitating training workshops in a variety of pertinent areas.

They are delivering a variety of practical and results-oriented training workshops to fast-track the learning and development process in order to enhance corporate productivity.

IPD-OUM will make things happen for Malaysia’s Human Capital in the areas of leadership, supervision, personal development, career development, sales and marketing, change management, problem solving, innovation and many other areas.

1 Conflict Resolution-Techniques to Get Along in the Workplace
2 Energise and Motivate Your Team
3 Coaching to Develop Your Team
4 The Professional Supervisor
5 The Art of Delegating Effectively
6 Guarantee Accountability at Work
7 Harvard Inspired Leadership Skills for the New Manager
8 Meetings: Making Them Work
9 Business Leadership - Becoming Management Material
1 Effective Problem Solving & Decision Making
2 Planning & Managing Projects
3 Risk Management Process & Techniques
1 Talking to Employees about Personal Hygiene
2 Orientation Handbook: Getting Employees off to a Good Start
3 Onboarding: Managing a Successful Onboarding Programme
4 Managing Employee Performance
5 Conducting Effective Performance Reviews
6 Generation Gap: Closing the Generation Gap in the Workplace
7 Behavioral Interviewing: Process & Techniques
1 Developing Training Programmes
2 Enhancing Facilitation Skills
3 Survival Skills for the New Trainer
4 Talent Management Strategies
5 Using Activities to Make Training Engaging
6 The Practical Trainer
1 Advanced Brand Management
2 Strategic Brand Building - From Construction to Communication
3 Brand Case Discussions to Enhance Your Strategic Capabilities
4 Amplifying Business Value thru Strategic Marketing
5 Dynamite Sales presentations
1 Customer service - Managing Critical Element
2 Effective Telemarketing for Profits
1 Building Your Self Esteem & Assertiveness Skills
2 Get Stuff Done for Professional Development
3 Anger Management Techniques
4 Emotional Intelligence Can be an Edge.
5 Stress Management Techniques
6 Business Etiquette
7 Get Cracking with Creativity
1 Critical Thinking Process & Techniques
2 Skills for the Administrative Assistant.
3 Time Management Techniques
4 Work Smart and Use Technology to Your Advantage
1 Business Ethics for the Organisation
2 Business Succession Planning
3 Managing Change
4 Lean Process Improvement Process and Techniques
5 Risk Management Process & Techniques
1 Project Integration Management
2 Project Scope Management
3 Project Quality Management
4 Project Human Resource Management
5 Project Communications Management
6 Project Stakeholder Management
1 Budgets and Managing Money
2 Finance for Non-Finance People
3 HR For the Non HR Manager
4 Building A Dynamic Personality With Winning Mindset And Behaviours
5 Classroom Management
6 Counselling In Teaching
7 Enhancing Pedagogical Skills through Microteaching
8 Formulation of Test Questions
9 Pedagogy of Teaching and Learning
10 Strategic Management in Education
11 Techniques of Writing Modules
12 Testing and Evaluation
13 Unleashing the Creativity within You