Health & Wellness Courses

These courses/programmes are provided by the Institute of Professional Development (IPD), Meteor Learning Sdn Bhd (MLSB); in collaboration with Open University Malaysia (OUM) and Integrative Health Academy.
Programmes are offered via an online delivery method through a series of webinars and online support

General Synopsis

  1. These are skill, career and professional development programmes. A full spectrum of programmes from Health, Wellness, Nutrition, Complementary Alternative Medicine and many others. These programmes are specically designed to improve the knowledge and competency of individuals involve in businesses/occupations related to health, wellness, nutrition, vitamins & supplements, tness and those involve in multi level / network marketing companies dealing with health/wellness products. These programmes will provide knowledge that will equip them with condence, competence and diligence in pursuing their personal & business goals.

  2. The programmes are offered in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia. (Selected programmes)

  3. Various types of courses are offered;
    • a. Competency Certicate in General Health & Nutrition (Duration: 4 Weeks)
    • b. Competency Certicate in SW Music & Energy Medicine (Duration: 4 Weeks)
    • c. Career Certicate in Preventive Health & Nutrition (Duration: 3 - 4 months)
    • d. Professional Consultant in Preventive Health & Nutrition (Duration: 6 month)
    • e. Professional Consultant in SW Music & Energy Medicine (Duration: 6 months)

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